Product Overview

Mirelz provides personalized Virtual Try On (VTO) experiences for fashion retail using cutting edge Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

Web Browser based AR Try On

No App required. Works in browsers on all devices and desktops


Customized try on experiences for various touchpoints like Online, Store, and Social platforms

Markerless Try On Experiences

Seamless & immersive Try On experiences using cutting edge AR and AI

Trusted by Top Global Brands

Seamless and realistic 3D premium customer experiences spanning 5 continents and 50+ countries.

True Sizing Capability

Unique technology to measure user dimensions and showcase the products in true proportions

Easy Integration

Simple integration into any e-com platform

Privacy Guarantee / PII Compliance

Customer data (including images/videos) does not leave the device and stays private.


Increase conversions, average order value (AOV) and reduce returns



The team behind this have worked in companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc., before uniting to push the boundaries of fashion shopping experiences. They bring together years of advanced engineering expertise and operational experience of working with fortune 100 customers.


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